OVER-MyR has assembled and integrated a network of researchers with internationally recognized expertise in human and animal models of multiple myeloma. The OVER-MyR consortium is coordinated by the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB – Pr Karin Vanderkerken) and brings together an interdisciplinary and highly complementary group of scientists with an excellent track record in their field of research, necessary to achieve the project’s ambitious objectives.

OVER-MyR will have the tools and expertise to identify the major mechanisms of drug resistance and to correlate findings in order to develop a workable strategy towards individualized therapy in MM. The consortium comprises EU leaders for innovative clinical trials (German Multiple Myeloma Group, Partner 2 – D Hose and H Goldschmidt), murine myeloma models (Partner 1-K Vanderkerken), in vitro normal and malignant plasma cell models (Partner 2- B Klein), immune cells in myeloma (Partner 4-S Sahota), heparan sulfate chain proteoglycan as co-receptor of cell communication molecules (Partner 5-S Pals), bone environment and endothelial cell models, which are critical myeloma cell niches (Partners 6- P Croucher and 7-A Vacca). Thus, the composition of OVER-MyR investigators is balanced for Clinician-Scientists:Biology-Scientists.


This Academic effort is complemented by the participation of Cellzome, a privately held drug discovery company, world leader in chemoproteomics technology platform for screening and profiling of inhibitors of kinases and epigenetic targets. The consortium will also benefit from the long lasting experience of Inserm-Transfert in European project management.

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